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What is the difference between Standard panels and Sectional (3x3) panels?

Standard panels are 37.5 inches wide and 6 feet tall.
A van, SUV, truck or car with a roof rack is needed to transport Standard-Full size panels with ease.

We offer Sectional panels that slip together in a top and bottom fashion that are the same dimensions of our Standard-Full size panels.
Sectional panels can easily be transported in the back seat or trunk of most cars.


How much weight can a panel hold?

Up to 150LBS. - 68KG.


Does Graphic Display Systems sell panel covers?

No, Panel covers to fit Graphic Display Systems panels are made by the Flourish Company.
Their sales representatives are knowledgeable of our different size panels and can answer any questions concerning panel covers.
Their phone number is 1-800-296-0049
Graphic Display Panels are at the bottom of the page.
Free Flourish Color Fabric Samples and info here. (fabric page)


Do the bases come with the panels or do they need to be purchased separately?

The base system and all necessary parts are included with the display system.


How many bases will I get with my system?

You will receive one less base as compared to the number of panels that you ordered.

Bases join two or three adjacent panels together.
Therefore, the two outermost panels only need a leg adjuster (2 included with purchase), which serves as a base as well as a ground level adjustment.

Note: Leg adjusters on plates can be ordered for the two outermost panels for an additional amount.
Additional shipping costs may also apply. Call 1-800-848-3020 for more information.

A three hole-base is provided with every third panel you order.

Our Accessories page gives you the freedom to configure a custom display system that's right for you.


How far does the Roof-Light Bar span?

The Roof Bar-Light Bar telescopes from 6.5 feet to 12 feet.


How many panels can fit in a 10'X10' space?

Nine Standard or Sectional (3X3) panels. Three against each wall.

Why are the 19.5" and 25.5" panels more expensive than the 37.5" panels?

The 37.5" width panels are the most popular. The smaller panels take more time and labor to produce.


Can I have leg adjusters on plates instead of regular bases with my display system?

Yes, for indoor use, leg adjusters on plates can be substituted in place of our regular bases.
Additional shipping costs may apply.
Call 1-800-848-3020 for more information.


Picking up your order in Lebanon, Pa.

You may pick up your order in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.
Pick up orders should be placed in advance to assure availability. Please call 1-800-848-3020 for arrangements.

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