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Major Accessories

Panel Extenders

12-18-22 Inch Panel Extenders

Sometimes the best way to get more space in your display is to go up.
The panel extender fits into the top of the display panels to give extra height.

Panel extenders are available in three different heights (12", 18" and 22").

Extenders show (EX1237, EX1837 and EX2237) will fit into our Most Popular STP37 and XP37 panels.

Panel extenders are available for all panel widths.


Graphic Display Systems is the only manufacturer of display panels that supplies an assortment of bases with panels.
Four types of bases are available.

HB2/HB3 - Regular 2-Hole and 3-Hole Bases are two feet long and
offer the most stability, especially for outdoor use.

Base Assortment LA1 - Single Leg Adjusters are used at the
end panels of your display to compensate
for uneven surfaces.

LA2 - 2-Hole Leg Adjusters can be used indoors and are also useful outdoors
when your display has to be against
a wall or curb.

LA3 - 3-Hole Leg Adjusters give you
the option to make a 'T' or'H' configuration.

LA4 - 4-Hole Leg Adjuster gives you the option of making an 'X' configuration.
This is for making a "walk around" display.

PL1/PL2/PL3 - Leg Adjusters on Plates are available with one, two or three holes. They are brazed on a 3"W x 10"L steel plate.

Thumbscrews allow for precise adjustment on uneven surfaces.

Two single leg adjusters are provided with your initial order.

If you would like to add more stability on the ends of your display, you may upgrade to single leg adjusters on plates (PL1) for an additional cost.

Two and three hole leg adjusters on plates may be ordered in place of the regular bases at no additional cost.

Print Racks

Hanging Print Racks display prints neatly giving accessibility to customers.

24 Inch Print Rack PR24/PR30 Hanging Print Racks come in two sizes, 24" Wide or 30" Wide.

They are 16" high and taper from a 6" base
to a 12" opening at top.
The print rack fastens to the display panel with attached hooks.

SL24/SL30 - Print Rack Slings available for both sizes. Slings add distinction to your print rack.

Slings are made of heavy duty black canvas.
They are detachable for cleaning.

Free-Standing Print Racks

Free Standing Print Racks (118K)

Sturdy and lightweight, can be used outdoors,
yet are attractive enough for gallery use.
Folds for easy transport.

FS18 - 18" Free-Standing Print Rack:
18"W x 25"H free-standing
steel print rack with black canvas.
Has 3"gusset.
This print rack is ideal
for use on tabletops to
display smaller prints.

FSA24 - 24" Free Standing Print Rack: 24"W x 42"H
free-standing aluminum print rack with black canvas. Has 6" gusset.
Our Most Popular size.

FS36 - 36" Free-Standing Print Rack: 36"W x 42"H free-standing aluminum print rack with black canvas. Has 6" gusset.

Hanger Clips

Drapery Hook

DH - Drapery Hook: 1.5" small hook clips onto wire mesh making it easier to hang and remove artwork.
They are ideal when using panel covers.

Large - Small Hangers
LH1 - Large Hanger: 1.5"W aluminum hanger.
Ideal for displaying heavy artwork.

SH2 - Small Hanger: .75"W aluminum hanger.
Supports larger artwork
than Drapery Hooks.

(LH1 and SH2 can not be used with panel covers)

Combo Quick Clips

Quick Clips (33K)

SC1/LC2 Combo Quick Clips

These cost effective hooks can be used for hanging matted prints
or signs directly onto our panels.

Simply slip the hook over the wire mesh and insert the bottom part of your matted print or sign. The same hook can be slipped over the top of the mat for stability.

The Combo Quick Clip also holds framed Artwork that has a cable or wire on the backside.
Availible in two sizes.

Quick Clip (27K) Quick Clip2 (34K)

Face-Out Bars

4 - 6 - 8 Inch Face Out Bars

FO4/FO6/FO8 - Face-Out bars fit over wire mesh.
One bar can be used to hang light weight items.
Two can be hung parallel to create a shelf.

Available in 4", 6" and 8" lengths.

Face Out Bars with Shelf

Peg Hooks

2-4-6 Peg Hooks (38K)

PH2/PH4/PH6 Peg Hooks

Handy for hanging a variety of smaller items such as jewelry, crafts and bubble packs.
Each Peg Hook locks securely onto panels for stable hanging.

Available in 2", 4" and 6" lengths.

Roof Frame/Light Bar

Roof Bar with 10 Inch Height Extender

RB6/RB10 - Roof Frame/Light Bar:
A lightweight, adjustable assembly used for supporting a roof system,
lighting or to stabilize end panels.

A minimum of four panels is required to use the Roof/Light Bar.

Bar telescopes from 6.5' to 12', depending on the number of panels ordered.

Roof Frame/Light Bar includes (2) 6" or 10" height bars, (1) main bar, (2) extension bars and (8) thumb screws.

Standard Doorway

Standard Doorway - Zero Inch Height

STDR - A lightweight bar that is 37.5" Wide.
Doorway is available in 0" or 6" Heights.
Used for accessing the space behind your display.
Customers can walk through to see work on the back of panels
or can be used for easy access to a storage area.

Adjustable Doorway

Adjustable Doorway

ADR - A lightweight bar that adjusts from 37.5" to 64" Wide.
Available in 0" or 6" Heights.
Can be utilized the same as standard doorway.
0" Height pictured.

Panel Stiffener

Panel Stiffener

PS1 - A "U" channel placed over 2 panels to keep them aligned
when heavy objects are hung on panels.


Shelving Supports

SB - Shelf Brackets: Slotted to hang from wire mesh.
with a flat surface used to support a shelf.

Four are required to sustain one shelf.

Caution should be used when placing breakable items on temporary shelving.

Table Top Display System

Table Top Display

Table Top Leg Adjusters on Plates

Table Top Leg Adjusters on Plates
are designed to be used with either
a top section or a bottom section
of our sectional panels.
Table Top Leg Adusters This type of base should be clamped
to the edge of the table.

TBPL1 - Table Top Leg Adjuster welded on steel plate, used with Bottom sectional panels for the ends of your display.

TBPL2 - Table Top 2-Hole Leg Adjuster on steel plate, used to connect two Bottom sectional panels.

TTPL1/TTPL2 - Same as above application.
Made for use with sectional Top panels.

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